Hanbury Garden & San Remo

Depart from the port of Savona on an AC deluxe coach and a knowledgeable guide.

You will first visit Villa Hanbury’s Gardens.

Mortola Inferiore, only 1 mile from the French border, is the site of the world-famous Giardini Botanici Hanbury (Hanbury Botanical Gardens), one of the largest in Italy. Planned and planted in 1867 by a wealthy English merchant, Sir Thomas Hanbury, and his botanist brother Daniel, the terraced gardens contain species from five continents, including many palms and succulents. There are panoramic views of the sea from the gardens.

After the visit with you guide you will continue towards San Remo.

Free time in the area of the port which is dotted with restaurants and cafés where you can have lunch on your own.

Soon after lunch and some free time you will have a guided tour of the town of San Remo.

You will visit the characteristic historical centre, called La Pigna.

Once la Pigna was the pulse of a no longer existing Sanremo. It was the actual old town and now it is both the “humblest” and the most spontaneous area of the town. It is full of covered alleys, little squares, and terraced houses together with dull colours and long silences which in turn create emotions and sensations unknown to mass tourism.

First of all you have to understand well the name of this area – Pigna – which comes from its curling up around the hillock just like the scales in a pine cone. It was born as a stronghold around the year 1000 and it was enlarged and strengthened up to the 16th century so as to protect it from pirates’ attacks.

You will then walk to Sanremo modern city centre, where the guide will introduce you to its main highlights and where you will have some free time before meeting your bus and reach your ship again


Monaco & Montecarlo

Depart with your guide to Monaco which has for a century been a symbol of glamour. Its legend was further enhanced by the 1956 marriage of the man who was at that time the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Rainier III, to the American actress Grace Kelly. Ms. Kelly met the prince when she was in Cannes for the film festival to promote To Catch a Thief, the Hitchcock movie she made with Cary Grant. A journalist friend arranged a Paris Match photo shoot with the prince — and the rest is history. The Monégasques welcomed the birth of daughter Caroline in 1957 but went wild at the birth of Albert, a male heir, in 1958. According to a 1918 treaty, Monaco will become an autonomous state under French protection if the ruling dynasty becomes extinct.

However, the fact that Albert is still a bachelor has the entire principality concerned. The third royal daughter, Stephanie, was born in 1965.

Though not always happy in her role, Princess Grace won the respect and adoration of her people. In 1982, a sports car she was driving, with her daughter Stephanie as a passenger (not as the driver, as was viciously rumored), plunged over a cliff, killing Grace but only injuring Stephanie. The Monégasques still mourn her death.

Monaco became a property of the Grimaldi clan, a Genoese family, as early as 1297. With shifting loyalties, it has maintained something resembling independence ever since. In a fit of impatience the French annexed it in 1793, but the ruling family recovered it in 1814; however, the prince at that time couldn’t bear to tear himself away from the pleasures of Paris for “dreary old Monaco.”

The harbor district, known as La Condamine, connects the new quarter, officially known as Monte Carlo, with the Vieille Ville, officially known as Monaco-Ville (or Le Rocher), the medieval town on the Rock, topped by the palace, the cathedral, and the Oceanography Museum. Have no fear that you’ll need to climb countless steps to get to the Vieille Ville, as there are plenty of elevators and escalators climbing the steep cliffs.

Guided tour in the centre.

Free time for lunch and shopping before coming back to the port


Genoa City Tour

Finalborgo & Noli


Savona City Tour

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Pesto Making in Genoa

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