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testimonial author
3 out of 5??? It should have been 5 out of 5. You are the best in Europe, in fact in the world. Your team works for our clients with their HEARTS not with their pocketbook. It was evident from my first meeting with Federica. I haven’t met the complete team, but one thing I am sure is that to work for TFL team the main requirement is they must love their opportunity to make all Ensemble clients have the best experience possible. I know that Stefania and Federica are the best !!! Therefore the rest of the team must also be great. Wish I could hug and thank them.
Hard to believe it has been over 5 years since I met TFL. It took me 30 seconds to realize they are the best team.
All of you at TFL make dreams come true for clients while in “your hands”.
THANK YOU ALL for being the BEST of the BEST!!!! Year after year. And for years to come.
Bob Zonies
Colony Travel
testimonial author
We just returned with large group on Oceania to the Mediterranean. We used TFL exclusively in all Italy ports plus Sardinia for private shore excursions and have to once again send kudos for the outstanding support from these On Location partners. Our group size ranged from 20-40 in each of 4 ports.
The quality of the guides, that extra attention to details and the unique adventures/custom tour makes TFL our only choice in Italy. Federica and her team of professionals also provide excellent support to us from the planning, itinerary preparation, documents and accounting. I know we can count on them even when we don't escort.
We are so grateful for their partnership and sincerely believe them to be our branch office overseas.
Cindy Chambers
Beyond Group Travel
testimonial author
My client was so excited because her day was incredible. The TFL guide helped to give my client a schedule to go hiking and showed her how to get a refund on her train ticket. TFL Tours is fantastic. I am indebted to you forever. My client realized how using an On Location supplier made all the difference in the world. No one is better than TFL Tours.
Susan Tanzman
President, Martin's Travel and Tours
testimonial author
TFL is not one of the best DMCs I've ever worked with, it is the best I've ever worked with. They've set a high standard. Every proposal is created with creativity and passion. The level of communication with the team is beyond comparison. Superior response time, excellent organization, particularly for complicated itineraries. Love working with them.
Gina Di Prima
Italy Destination Specialist, Family Friendly Italy
testimonial author
Kathy M. had a most marvelous time in Italy and could not stop thanking me; ``kudos`` to you and your team for making her journey so exceptional. The guides worked out perfectly!
Susan Weissberg
President and CEO of Wyllys Professional Travel
testimonial author
I took to Stefania from TFL Tours the FIT I was doing for 2 couples. I mapped out the basic route and activities and then Stefania took it and turned it into this amazing trip. My clients are so excited, and so am I. Stefania was fantastic throughout.
Cecile Schutter
West University Travel