Porto Santo Stefano

The Tarots Garden

You will meet your guide and the bus and drive towards the Tarots Garden.

In the surroundings of the charming Capalbio in Maremma is the impressive Tarot Garden built by Niki de Saint de Phalle in the second half of the last century. The Garden displays the huge and beautiful sculptures by the French artist which depicting the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot cards.

The Garden was the result of the wish to express Niki’s idea of a “small Eden where man and nature meet”. She took inspiration from the beautiful Park Guell by Gaudì in Barcellona, Spain. She chose a small plot of land in the wild Maremma and located in Gravicchio just a few kilometers from Capalbio.

She created and personally built the great statues for the Garden. The 22 Major Arcana have a steel soul covered by concrete with mirrors, colored glass and ceramics. She worked at this colossal work for over 17 years, collaborating with many important contemporary artists, including Jean Tinguely who is also her husband.

The sculptures represent the personal artist’s view of the symbolic and esoteric Tarot cards, one of her great passions. Their arrangement is suggestive and evocative, the artworks an expression of the artist’s life story.

Return to the port after the visit.


Etruscan Vulci

Depart with your guide and your driver towards Vulci.

Vulci is an ancient Etruscan town and, as many Etruscan sites, it is located in the hinterland and close to the sea. The site and the sea were connected by a river, which at the time was navigable. It is located on a calcareous base on the right side of river Fiora. At the time, Vulci was one of the biggest city-states of the entire Etruria, thanks to its strong nautical and commercial development with Greece and the East World.

Proofs of that are the luxurious grave goods found in the necropolis. Those goods are now in worldwide museums.

Within the necropolis, it is possible to witness thousands of different tombs, of different types and shapes.

Among the most known are the grave of the Cuccumella, which is 18 meters tall and 75 meters of diameter, the Cuccumelletta, the Rotonda, and the François, which is located in the territory of Canino, in addition to the one of the Bulls, the one of the Inscriptions, and the one of the Two Entrances.


Pitigliano and Sovana, the tuff towns of Maremma

Orbetello and Wine Tasting

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