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Baroque Lecce

You will meet your guide at the port of Brindisi and you will depart to Lecce.

Lecce is the crown jewel of Puglia. The city is nicknamed “the Florence of the south,” but that sobriquet doesn’t do justice to Lecce’s uniqueness in the Italian landscape. Though its beautiful boutiques, lively cafés, and the baroque architecture draw comparisons to the cultural capitals of the north, Lecce’s bustling streets, are distinctively southern.

Relatively undiscovered by foreign tourists, Lecce radiates optimism and joy of life unmatched which make it unique.

Lecce’s ornate Duomo, first built in 1114 but reconstructed in baroque style from 1659 to 1670, is unusually set in a solitary lateral square off a main street, rather than at a crossroads of pedestrian traffic. To the left of the Duomo, the more severe bell tower, reconstructed by master baroque architect Zimbalo in the 17th century, takes on a surreal golden hue at dusk.


The White Town of Ostuni

After meeting your guide at the pier you will depart towards Ostuni.

Ostuni is one of the most stunning cities in southern Italy famous for the incredible effect of its whitewashed houses. It is a pure and charming example of Mediterranean architecture.

The town has a series of staircases, tiny roads, lanes, and arches. Signs of the Middle Ages are visible in every corner, in every view to the sea, in the doorway of a palace, in the walls of a convent or the facade of a church.

Ostuni can be considered one of the most attractive cities in the region and an essential part for a shore excursion from Bari.


Monopoli and Polignano a Mare

Alberobello and Locorotondo

Lecce and Gallipoli

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