Ensemble honors top producers and members at annual gala

SAN DIEGO, CA — Ensemble Travel Group’s annual conference took place October 19 to 23 in San Diego where Canadian Robert Herjavec shared his insights on the travel agency profession and his strategies for business success. Ensemble recognized their preferred partners as the driving force for their own success.

Lindsay Pearlman, co-president of Ensemble Travel Group, was on hand to congratulate group members on their “strong performance and support” of the company’s preferred partners, which he says is the driving force behind Ensemble’s success.

TFL Tours was awarded as

2016 Ensemble On Location Partner of the Year

Federica Tucci and Stefania Francolini accepted the award on stage.

Members based their selections on three key performance areas: quality of customer service (timeliness and accuracy of communications and documentation, ease of the booking process, and overall problem solving), level of agency support (local sales rep, co-op funds, group support, marketing guidance, product training, and commitment to agency sales channel), and client satisfaction (product delivery, fulfillment of client expectations, and repeat bookings).

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