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The World Honors Top Port Agents & Travel Partners

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA – The World, Residences at Sea, recognized its top port agents and travel partners from across the globe on Sunday, March 9, 2014 at the company’s 7th annual Celebration of Excellence awards dinner. Held at the home of President and CEO Tom McAlpin, honorees enjoyed a Caribbean-themed, family-style barbecue amid a gorgeous South Florida sunset, the perfect backdrop for the outdoor event.

Federica Tucci, Managing Director and CEO, accepted The World’s Excellence in Service award on behalf of TFL Tours. The local company was one of only 18 honored, from a field of 95, that met The World’s qualifications for receiving the award. TFL Tours was chosen for delivering superior, five-star service – among several other criteria – to the world’s largest, private mega yacht and one-of-a-kind residential ship.

“Tonight’s event is about thanking you, our valued partners, for all the support that you give us throughout the year and especially for the high quality service you provide,” said McAlpin as he addressed the honorees. “We appreciate the special attention that you give us and your positive attitude in helping us to deliver ‘the best of the best’ to our Residents and Guests.”

The top eight port agents received their awards from Director, Itinerary and Destination Planning James Droney and hailed from Barbados, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, England, Puerto Rico, and Turkey. Director, Destination and Enrichment Programs Lee Lennon presented awards to the top 10 travel partners from Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Colombia, Croatia, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Northern Ireland and Turkey.

TFL Tours received the award for Excellence in Service for The World also in 2008.

About The World

Launched in 2002, The World® is the largest privately owned, residential yacht on earth with 165 luxury Residences. A diverse group of Residents from 19 countries own the homes onboard and share interests in world cultures, history and adventure, and exploring fascinating destinations. They circumnavigate the globe every two to three years following an extraordinary itinerary that they select. In-depth expeditions and one-of-a-kind experiences are complemented by world-class amenities and impeccable service. To learn more about this unique lifestyle call +954-538-8449 or visit www.aboardtheworld.com.

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